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George Helyar

ZoneEdit - multiple domain names

Postby George Helyar » Thu Oct 27, 2005 11:12 am

i have my dns running from zoneedit, updated from directupdate

i have 3 domain names running from zoneedit, and have set up directupdate to automatically update

(i wasnt sure if the www was making any difference so i didnt add it to the last 2 domains)

my ip just changed as it does every 6 months or so and i noticed that although and had the new ip, and didnt. when i looked at directupdate control i saw that was the only one that "updated successfully", the other 3 (including, which did update) threw the message

The update was successfull, but IP was already the right one. Update considered abusive.

is there something i can do in directupdate to distinguish between my domain names on zoneedit, to update all the ips (at once or sequentially, and i will add and and not tell me that i am being abusive?

note: the ip for and was NOT the right one but i think since and were, it said it already was so it didnt change it or something

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