Did DirectUpdate download a virus?

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Did DirectUpdate download a virus?

Postby litobito » Sat Mar 24, 2012 4:26 pm

Hi Guys

This morning my antivirus software Avira startet to alert about a (probable) virus found in a file called "ipd-allgemeine IP-Adresserkennung-checkip.fraggers.net.html". Avira declared that the file is containing a malware/virus called "HTML/IFrame.DO.54".

Every 30 Min. I got the same message. I found out, that the file was downloaded by DirectUpdate v.4.6.6 and placed in the directory: C:\Programs\DirectUpdate v4\Dump\. To find out what this is all about I startet the DirectUpdate Control panel and I found the domain "checkip.fraggers.net" listed under point 4 (used websites). Unfortunately I'm not a pro, so I can't really figure out, what this means exactly. Now I disabled the checkbox before the mentioned domain. Since then the alerts seem to have stopped.

Can anyone tell me, what this means? Ther a similar files in the directory C:\Programs\DirectUpdate v4\Dump\. What are they good for?

Many thanks in advance!!


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Re: Did DirectUpdate download a virus?

Postby willynt » Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:13 pm


Sure, here is the story of these files...
Every time DirectUpdate contacts a server (to detect your IP or to update your domain), it stores all the data exchanged with the server into a file, inside the Dump folder.
That's only meant for Debug purpose.
For an IP detection, the file is named "ipd-YourIpDetectioName-ServerName.html"

Here, the server fraggers.net doesn't exist anymore, so you can safely uncheck it (or even delete it) from the list under point 4.

Hope it helps

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