Blocked Addresses by Malwarebytes?

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Blocked Addresses by Malwarebytes?

Postby JohnOrion » Mon Sep 28, 2015 3:32 am

Can anyone tell me why DirectUpdate tries to make outbound connections to addresses that are blocked by Malwarebytes as malicious websites? (,, all in the range of 77.72.169.x) It's quite annoying because when it does it tends to set my Rainmeter program to use that IP address when it tries to make outbound connections and I have to restart that program or my security continues to block Rainmeter.

It seems like DirectUpdate might have malicious code in it right from the company itself since I downloaded the file directly from DirectUpdate's site.

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Re: Blocked Addresses by Malwarebytes?

Postby willynt » Thu Oct 08, 2015 7:12 am

Hi John,

Nothing malicious here!
STUN is one of the protocol used by DirectUpdate engine to detect your WAN ip address.

Each "IP detection" object manage a list of URLs, some of them being STUN servers.
You can see that list in the "IP Detection" page, part 4 "Use remote web site(s)".
Scroll down until you see the URLs starting with "stun://".
Feel free to uncheck or delete URLs that do not suit you (note that you can use the ">>" button to display a menu, and delete/add entries).

Hope that helps.

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