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Reverse DNS seems to have broken (for me)

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 3:14 pm
by david_williams
I have used Direct Update for years, with same hosting service (dtDNS) and same ISP (Time Warner Cable).

Seems recently the "reverse DNS" has "broken".
I have heard this is often because the "PTR" is not correct, and that the only "fix" is to have ISP change it.
I sort of doubt TWC will do my any favors. Does that sound correct, that the ISP has to fix it?

I asked the hosting service, and they said "not them", ask Direct Update, so, here I am. If you
want to check yourself, my domain is '' and, from my Linux machine,
'host' returns the correct IP: (at the moment).
'host' returns
Where does that "voip-" address come from! I do not ever remember seeing one like that before.
Could it be a mistake I made in router settings? Some software I have running?

I am not sure where to begin in "debugging" this issue, so, thanks for any insights.