Anybody at home? I Keep having problems :P

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Re: Anybody at home? I Keep having problems :P

Postby DiskDrive » Thu Oct 26, 2006 4:11 pm

deftoner wrote:Well.. i try to rollback to the previews version. I Uninstall DU. And install 4.1.X. But all configs and accounts still there!, and the problem persist.

So.. I Unisntall again... I delete the folder, and i search the registry for any entry about DU, and I delete it..

I install again DU 4.1 and There is it!! all the accounts, registration code, all the config, STILL THERE! :evil:

I'm assuming you have the entire directory %ProgramFiles%\DirectUpdate deleted after uninstallation, right? If not, do so.

What are you deleting in the registry? It should be

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Hope this helps,

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