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Error 0x81850191

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 9:55 pm
by Rapitharian
After installing Direct Update 4.5.1
I started entering my account information.

My DNS provider is DNSexit
Below is an excerpt from my log.

[ERR]- 10/Nov/2006 15:44:57 - IP Detection "Default IP detection" failed using URL "". - Error 0x81850194:HTTP object/file not found.
[INF]- 10/Nov/2006 15:44:57 - IP Detection "Default IP detection" successful using "" -
[INF]- 10/Nov/2006 15:45:04 - Account "DNS Exit" updating with IP
[ERR]- 10/Nov/2006 15:45:04 - Account "DNS Exit" update failed. - Error 0x81850191:Access denied. Invalid login/password.

I know My user name and password are correct.
I also get the account locked and can't get my domain info when I perform a Retrieve.

Thanks for any help,

Edit: Found the problem. Can't seem to retreive the info I just have to enter the Fully Qualified Domain Name for each host I want updated.

Thanks for reading,